My name is Mariana.  I’m a professional Visual Designer, with a passion for still image. I’m currently obtaining my Master’s degree in Interactive design, and have a bachelor’s degree in Visual Design, a 5-year major, better described as Design of Visual Communication; Covering graphic, motion graphics, environmental, & digital design.


Founder & Designer at Kioko Creative
Please, find my design work at kiokocreative.com

Graduated and obtained my Visual Design title from the program Diseño Visual at Universidad de Caldas, Colombia.  Diseño Visual is a high quality accredited 5 year program, and one of the top design programs in Colombia. Diseño Visual from Universidad de Caldas is the founder and organizer of el Festival de la Imagen [International Festival of the Image] – a well recognized international festival uniting artists and designers from all over the world each year. Learn more at their site festivaldelaimagen.com